About F B Sealcoating & Powerwashing Inc

F B Sealcoating & Powerwashing Inc has been locally owned and operated since 1995. We are a fully licensed and insured company that has been rated one of the top sealcoating contractors in the area, based on customer satisfaction.
Sealcoating - Fred of F.B. Sealcoating in Horsham, Pennsylvania
You will find that most companies apply sealer by hand. With a squeegee, this will press the sealer down to a thin coat and leave squeegee marks. The sealer will wear unevenly. By spraying, the sealer produces a much thicker, uniform coat, allowing for more even wear. We also use the best industrial grade sealer. A heavy-bonded slurry that exceeds the Federal Specification R-P 355e. We include five pounds of sand, 4% FSA Plus and 4% Latex Modifier additive per gallon. This helps with traction and allows faster use of the surface. Our product reduces steering marks. It also resists oil, gas, salt, and weather damage. Not to mention the nice jet black appearance it gives, lasting longer than other sealcoat companies. Give us a call at 215-957-0111 or send an email to fred@fbsealcoatinginc.com to get a free estimate!