Deck Cleaning & Restoration in Montgomery and Bucks Counties

F B Sealcoating & Powerwashing Inc, located in Horsham, Pennsylvania, offers its expert services for cleaning and restoring your deck. Deck maintenance is an important factor in protecting the life of your deck, so that it's around for years to enjoy. We can help with this. Give us a call at 215-957-0111 and we'll schedule a deck cleaning and staining for you.

Why stain your deck?

Wood will absorb moisture, which causes it to swell and then shrink as the sun dries it out. As wood swells and shrinks over time, this can cause the wood to warp, crack, or splinter. When you wash and seal the deck, this can help prevent the moisture from being absorbed, prolonging the life of your deck. With the popularity of decks rising, this can also help increase your home's value and appeal.

Why F B Sealcoating & Powerwashing Inc?

F B Sealcoating & Powerwashing Inc uses exclusive techniques, combined with just the right amount of pressure, to get your deck clean and looking new. Then, with our knowledge of sealers and staining, we'll be able to ensure your deck looks as good as new. Cleaning with excessive pressure can be damaging to the wooden deck, making it unsafe and an eyesore. With the years of experience backing us, you know you're in good hands. Give us a call at 215-957-0111 for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment, today.
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